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Bookburners Is Your Next Fantasy Obsession 

Uncover this utterly addictive urban fantasy serial today. 

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Fantasy fans, your TBR pile is about to grow. Bookburners is a serialized urban fantasy written by some of today’s best fantasy authors. Set in a truly unforgettable world, and comprised of episodes that can be devoured in one sitting, Bookburners is a must-binge. 

The spellbinding serial comes from SerialBox, a storytelling platform that unites critically acclaimed writers to produce dazzling serialized fiction released weekly. 

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Each episode of Bookburners is a roughly 40-minute read, and when you purchase an episode, you instantly receive access to the text and audiobook versions. The best part? SerialBox is offering an incredible deal on Bookburners, just for our readers. 

Sign up for SerialBox today to get the entire first season of Bookburners for just $1.99. That’s 16 gripping episodes — in text and audio — for the price of a single ep! 

About the Series

Season 1 of Bookburners transports you to a world where magic is real, and deadly. Created by Max Gladstone—author of the hugely popular The Craft Sequence—the gripping fantasy is written by Gladstone alongside Mur Lafferty, Andrea Phillips, Margaret Dunlap, Brian Francis Slattery, and Amal El-Mohtar. 

The heroine is Sal Brooks, a New York detective for whom danger is a part of the job. After a harrowing day at work, all Sal wants is to lie low in her apartment. But her younger brother Perry and his roommates meddled with a magical text—and soon, Perry pays for the transgression with his soul. Perry’s body seems fine...But something evil lurks behind his eyes. 

Bookburners is sheer enormous fun!” —Naomi Novik, author of Temeraire

Desperate to save her brother, Sal joins Team Three of the Societas Librorum Occultorum, a mysterious secret society within the Vatican. The elite operation is familiar with cases like Perry’s—in fact, rakish team-member Liam Doyle lost years of his life to a similar possession. Together, they’ll stop at nothing to protect the world from the forces of dark magic. 

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Once a skeptic, Sal soon realizes that the violence she saw on the job in New York pales in comparison to the otherworldly horrors lurking in nearby dimensions. Along with Team Three, she’s in a race against time to fight the rising tide of dangerous magic. 

Supernatural intrigue, secret societies, a kick-ass heroine—that’s a recipe for a sure-fire urban fantasy hit, and Bookburners Season One really delivers. Combining moments of genuine horror with quirky camaraderie between team members, each episode is a thrilling ride that’s just as action-packed as any TV show. 

And if you burn through Season 1 and are hungry for more, you're in luck: Season 4 debuted earlier this week. You can find all four seasons of this addictive delight on SerialBox today. 

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“I read it in an afternoon’s sitting, because I couldn’t put it down.” —Locus Magazine

If you’re a fan of audiobooks, you’ll be particularly impressed by Xe Sands’ work on the audio version of each episode. As the sample below shows, her exceptional voice acting brings Bookburners’ world to life.

Listen here:

Discover why we’re on fire for this serial: Click below to sign up for SerialBox and get the entire first season in audiobook and ebook for just $1.99. Enter the dangerous, dazzling world of Bookburners now. 

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