The Best Fantasy Audiobooks to Listen to on Your iPhone Right Now

Magic and adventure are at your fingertips with these incredible audiobooks. 

best fantasy audiobooks

So many epic fantasy sagas to devour, so little time. If your to-be-read pile is looking more like a to-be-read mountain, audiobooks may be the solution. They're an incredible way to experience some of the best fantasy out there today, while commuting, working out, or doing the daily tasks that usually cut into all your reading time. And with Apple Books, it's easier than ever to find the right audiobook for your tastes. Here are our recommendations for the best fantasy books to listen to on your iPhone or preferred Apple device today. 

Buy Children of Blood and Bone at Amazon

Children of Blood and Bone

By Tomi Adeyemi

If you haven't read the celebrated first book yet in the Legacy of Orïsha trilogy, then an audiobook is a perfect way to fit this engrossing and at times disturbing fantasy saga into your day. Narrated by the incredible Bahni Turpin—also known for her work on the audiobooks for The Hate U Give and The Underground Railroad—the story follows Zélie, a girl with powers she is only beginning to comprehend. Zélie lost her mother to the brutal monarchy, and watched as the magic of Orïsha was all but entirely repressed. When Zélie and a rebel princess rise up against the tyrants that have squashed the magic and power of Orïsha, Zélie begins to realize the full, terrifying extent of her own magic. 

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Buy Fool’s Assassin at Amazon

Fool’s Assassin

By Robin Hobb

The first book in Robin Hobb's incredible Fitz and the Fool trilogy introduces the further adventures of FitzChivalry Farseer. One of the most iconic, influential characters in modern fantasy, FitzChivalry has been the focus of numerous series by Hobbs. 

In this trilogy, Fitz is married and attempting to leave his life of skullduggery behind him. But the mysterious disappearance of a prominent figure from Fitz's past life of peril prevents the reformed assassin from truly enjoying wedded bliss. Fitz must set out to discover the truth about his mentor's fate ... but uncovering the truth may force the former master of espionage to return to his old tricks. Narration by Elliot Hill, a veteran of the Broadway and London stage scene, transports readers to Hobb's iconic world.

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Buy Blackbirds at Amazon


By Chuck Wendig

The six-book Miriam Black series is a delicious, dark, urban fantasy thrill ride: prepare to get hooked. Miriam Black's powers have seriously f***** her up. When she touches anyone's skin, she knows exactly how they'll die. This premonitory curse has given her a taste for alcohol, and an inability to stay in any one place for very long. 

So when Louis Darling offers her a ride, and the two touch, Miriam isn't surprised that she sees how he'll die—but she is surprised by the circumstances. Louis will be murdered, while saying Miriam's name. And Miriam will be the next person killed. if she has any hope of staying alive, Miriam will have to do the impossible and save the life of the man she just met. Audie Award nominee Emily Beresford brings Wendig's character vividly to life. 

Buy The Way of Kings at Amazon

The Way of Kings

By Brandon Sanderson

The Way of Kings is book one of Brandon Sanderson's epic The Stormlight Archive series, the third book of which came out in November 2017. The epic is set in a universe where power is centered around Shardblades and Shardplates, weaponry and armor left behind by the since-fallen Knights Radiant. These powerful artifacts give mere mortals the prowess of kings, and are the center of high-stakes battles. Kaladin, an untested young warrior, is thrust into the frontlines of a sprawling battle fought for the coveted magical blades, while a young scholar named Shallan sets in place a course of action that will reveal secrets about the ancient and powerful Knights Radiant—and the ongoing war. Accomplished narrators Kate Reading and Michael Kramer will pull you into this rich saga. 

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Buy The Stand at Amazon

The Stand

By Stephen King

King's epic novel about a catastrophic plague and the battle for good and evil that follows the apocalypse remains as terrifying today as when it was first published in 1978. After the majority of humanity is quickly felled by a deadly flu called Captain Trips, a group of survivors from across America congregate in Colorado. But Randall Flagg, aka The Walking Dude—a slick sorcerer feeding on the grief and death all around him—is heading straight for this fledgling society of survivors. 

The Stand makes a particularly great/horrifying audiobook listen if you take public transit frequently, and want to feel increasingly claustrophobic during the winter months when coughing and sneezing abound. The audiobook is narrated by Grover Garner, Publishers Weekly's audiobook narrator of the year in 2005, who portrays the eclectic cast of characters from across the country. 

Buy Ghost Gifts at Amazon

Ghost Gifts

By Laura Spinella

This 2017 Audie Award-winner in the paranormal fiction category is narrated by Nicola Zanzarella, who expertly conveys the terror and confusion of Aubrey Ellis, a woman trying to leave her past—and her supernatural gifts—behind. Aubrey can communicate with spirits from the afterlife, a power that made her childhood terrifying and has blighted her personal life as an adult. Now, she's trying to leave all that behind in her job as a real estate reporter. But when the bones of a murdered woman are unearthed at a home in a small New England town, Aubrey has no choice but to expose herself to spirits that might be connected to the eerie place—and to work alongside determined investigative reporter Levi St John.

Buy The Hike at Amazon

The Hike

By Drew Magary

This 2017 Audie Winner for Fantasy is narrated by multiple Audie Award-winner Christopher Lane. A distinctly modern fantasy that's at turns both hysterical and surprisingly heartfelt, The Hike follows Ben, a father who impulsively decides to take a walk behind his hotel while visiting rural Pennsylvania on business. But Ben's split-second decision sends him on an unexpected and odd odyssey full of giant crustaceans, gods, and mythological beings. 

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