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7 Classic Fantasy Games that Revolutionized the Genre

These classic, standout games deserve recognition for helping the genre level up.

by Terrence Dalton

8 Unlikely Heroes That Shaped the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Genre

These underdogs didn't just save their own worlds – they changed the history of the genre.

by Terrence Dalton

5 Technologies from Science Fiction That Could Be Awesome in Real Life

We wish these were part of our reality, and a little less fictional.

by Terrence Dalton

8 YA Fantasy Novels to Look Out For This Fall

Coming of age is tough. Try doing it in a world with problems bigger than any you can imagine.

by Terrence Dalton

10 Characters from Sci-Fi We Never Want to Meet

We’re more than grateful that these villains are fictitious…

by Terrence Dalton

9 Fantasy Creatures We Wish Really Existed

Fangs, fins, and feathers: We wish these fantasy creatures were fact and not fiction.

by Terrence Dalton

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