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Swapna Krishna

I'm a journalist writing at the intersection of space, science, tech, and sci-fi.

I am a content writer for 1Password, a contributing editor at SYFY (where I cover all things Star Trek), and was, until recently, a contributing writer at Engadget. I've been published at outlets such as The Verge, New Scientist, Gizmodo, Smithsonian Magazine, Newsweek Magazine, Mental Floss, Via Satellite, Bustle, the Los Angeles Times, Shondaland, StarTrek.com, and Fast Company. I’m co-editing an anthology of Arthurian fiction called Sword Stone Table that’s been acquired by Vintage, a Penguin Random House imprint. I write a weekly space newsletter called Give Me Space. For more about me, take a look at my bio and check out my portfolio. I'm currently represented by Anna Sproul-Latimer of the Ross Yoon Literary Agency for nonfiction and Kate McKean at Morhaim Literary for fiction. 


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