9 Weird International Space Station Facts

Learn the strange secrets of the ISS—a symbol of global unity and the power of science.


Pizza Hut Will Deliver to the Crew

Astronauts on the ISS Love Shrimp Cocktail, Tortillas, and Mac and Cheese

facts about the International Space Station facts shrimp cocktail
  • Dehydrated shrimp cocktail.

    Photo Credit: NASA

A Science Fiction Movie Was Filmed on the Station

The ISS Has a Comprehensive Movie Library

weird international space station facts Gravity
  • Gravity plays on a projector on the International Space Station.

    Photo Credit: Astronaut Scott Kelly via Twitter.
weird International Space Station facts Steven Swanson
  • Photo from April, 2014: Steven Swanson wears a Firefly shirt in the first-ever Instagram photo posted from space.

    Photo Credit: Steven Swanson on Instagram.

The ISS Crew Works Out. A Lot. 

weird international space station facts Colbert
  • Official patch for the Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill.

    Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons
weird international space station facts COLBERT
  • Canadian astronaut Robert Thirsk exercising on the COLBERT.

    Photo Credit: NASA

The ISS Always Has Extra Eyeglasses

The First-Ever Music Video Made in Space Was Filmed on the ISS

You Can Get Texts from the ISS

The ISS Has an Immortality Drive

weird International Space Station facts Immortality Drive
  • Immortality Drive creator Richard Garriott

    Photo Credit: Rob Fahey/Flickr (CC)