The Portalist's 12 Days of Deals for Sci-Fi and Fantasy Fans

Your one stop shop for out-of-this-world savings.


We're counting down to the holidays with 12 days of stellar deals on sci-fi and fantasy books, geeky clothes, nerdy home products, and other unique gifts. Each offer will only be available for 24 hours, so check back every day for new surprises!

Day 1: Editors' Picks

12 days of deals

On December 3rd, we're sharing what we'll be giving (and getting!) this year.The Portalist staff have scoured the galaxy so they can recommend the best of the best.

Day 2: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Book Bundles

12 days of deals

On December 4th, get multiple books for the price of one! Snap up epic fantasies, sweeping sci-fi sagas, and impressive collections from authors like Octavia E. Butler, Samuel R. Delany, Piers Anthony, and more. 

Day 3: Time Travel Books

time travel books

On December 5th, we're offering books that span time and space, from sci-fi giants like Poul Anderson and Clifford D. Simak. 

Day 4:  Out-of-This-World Book Deals

12 days of deals

December 6th, get massive discounts on thrilling tales from across the sci-fi and fantasy spectrum.

Day 5: Hard Sci-Fi Books

12 days of deals

If you and yours like sci-fi that's based in fact, December 7th is the day for you. Enjoy apocalyptic tales and science-fueled stories that span the far reaches of the galaxy by Brian W. Aldiss, Sarah Zettel, Greg Bear, and others. 

Day 6: Award-Winning Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books

12 days of deals

You can't go wrong on December 8th: these sci-fi and fantasy award-winners have all received a prestigious Nebula or Hugo Award. 

Day 7: Geeky Swag

12 days of deals

From Harry Potter to The Hunger Games, get huge discounts in our TeePublic store on December 9th! Featuring original designs created by The Portalist staff, you're sure to find a laptop case, tote bag, sweatshirt, notebook, or other fun product for the nerd on your list. 

Day 8: Grey Keyes' Books

12 days of deals

Alternate history, alchemy, and fantasy intertwine in the imaginative works of author Greg Keyes. Get a great deal on Keynes' unique fantasy works December 10th.

Day 9: Epic Fantasy Series

12 days of deals

This December 11th, for the loved one who just can't wait for The Winds of Winter, consider these other sweeping fantasy sagas from authors like Barbara Hambly, Andre Norton, Fritz Leiber, and more. 

Day 10: E-Reading Devices

12 days of deals

On December 12th, purchase a new e-reader or another device for yourself or a fellow book lover!

Day 11: Out-of-This-World Book Deals

12 days of deals

On the 13th, get ready for a blowout on sci-fi and fantasy books. 

Day 12: Science & Space Books

12 days of deals

On December 14th, get a great deal on nonfiction titles that take readers inside the space race and explore the mysteries of the human body and the world around us. 

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