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The Portalist and the Sage and Savant Podcast

We're sponsoring this month's season finale episode of the steampunk radio drama Sage and Savant!

This month at The Portalist, we're sponsoring the season finale episode of steampunk podcast Sage and Savant. Set during the Victorian period, the monthly, serialized drama follows the adventures of time traveling duo Dr. Petronella Sage and her friend Professor Erasmus Savant.

Sage and Savant is written and produced by a talented team in Los Angeles – and it has garnered a passionate following of science fiction and fantasy fans since its launch in 2016. 

Because of this month's partnership, we're excited to offer a free copy of steampunk novel Merciless Reason by Oisin McGann when you sign up for The Portalist newsletter! Click here to get your copy.

Then listen to the lastest episode of Sage and Savant – or start from Episode 1 and work your way through the entire series.  

And check out Sage and Savant's audio narration of the fantasy epic Portal of a Thousand Worlds!

Featured photo via June Yarham/Flickr (CC)

Published on 15 May 2017

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