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    Incredible fantasy and science fiction awaits: From epic space adventures to tales of witchcraft and wizardy, these books are on sale all month long.

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    Science Fiction


    Mistworld is a dog-eat-dog planet, where corruption and thievery rule. Investigator Topaz and her husband, Sergeant Michael Gunn, are among the few who still believe in the power of justice. But while the usual crooks are troubling enough, Topaz has caught wind of a frightening conspiracy—one that will endanger all of Mistworld. As she and Michael fight to suppress the plotters, they will find that the greatest enemies are actually hiding in plain sight...   

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    By Paul Di Filippo

    A gene-splicer sets out with terroristic intentions. A fictionalized Oliver Sacks loses grip on his sanity. A bio-enhanced thief-gambler defies the laws of chaos. These are just a few of the characters that populate Paul DiFilippo’s collection of stories, which coalesce to reach a “tremendous, terrifying, apocalyptic” denouement every hard science fiction fan should read (Publishers Weekly).

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    By Paul Di Filippo

    Voodoo Planet

    Solar Queen’s interstellar mission goes horribly wrong when the spacecraft crash lands in the wild country of Khathka. Originally invited to the planet by its Chief Ranger, the marooned crewmen and their captain must dodge the attacks of Khathka’s ruthless poachers and their witch doctor leader.

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    The Silent Tower

    In the world of magic, a young warrior seeks Antryg Windrose, the rogue wizard who controls the portal between dimensions. In the real world, a computer programmer ventures through that very portal—only to discover a universe she never knew existed. Their paths will cross, alliances will be forged, and the pair will embark on a united quest to secure Antryg’s freedom once and for all.

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    Prince Parsival, the heir of the deceased King Gahmuret, leads a sheltered life until he stumbles across King Arthur’s knights. Innocent but craving his own glory, he devotes himself to joining their ranks, even if it’s at the cost of his mother’s broken heart. So begins a life of bloody battles, passionate loves, and a quest for the Holy Grail that fans of Arthurian lore and Mists of Avalon will enjoy.

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