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Lady of Sherwood Reimagines the Legend of Robin Hood and Maid Marian

Jennifer Roberson's novel sees the iconic outlaw and his lady lover fight their enemies side by side.

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  • Photo Credit: Lukasz Szmigiel / Unsplash

The year is 1199, and King Richard’s death has put an end to Robert of Locksley’s era of protection. Years ago, Robert and his band of Merry Men received a pardon for their crimes against the king’s brother, Prince John, which shielded them from persecution and vengeance. But with Richard gone and John’s likely ascension to the throne, Robert is at the mercy of the Sheriff of Nottingham—a man named William deLacey—who’s all too willing to settle the score on the prince's behalf. If Robert hopes to avoid the noose, he must rally his band of thieves, prevent John’s coronation, and resume his role as the legendary Robin Hood.

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  • Robin Hood and Marian in their Bower (1912).

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Meanwhile, Robin’s lover, Lady Marian of Ravenskeep, refuses to stand idly by as danger closes in. She enacts her own protective schemes, absconding to the Sherwood Forest to transform herself into a formidable right-hand woman. Together, they thwart Nottingham's plots and strive to place a different king on the throne—all while falling more deeply in love.

A sequel to Lady of the Forest, Lady of Sherwood  breathes new life into the Robin Hood and Maid Marian legend. Packed with action, intrigue, magic, real history, and romance, it’s a genre-bending novel about two heroic outlaws, the love they share, and their dogged fight against the forces of evil. In the following excerpt, Marian devises a plan that will derail Prince John’s plans—and, hopefully, protect Robin and his men for good.

Click here to read an excerpt from Lady of Sherwood, and then download the book. 

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Featured photo: Lukasz Szmigiel / Unsplash