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5 Nerdy Valentines That Show You Care

On Valentine's Day, you Ahch-To give love a chance.

This February 14th, show your friends and family you love them more than Chewie loves chomping down on sweet, sweet Porg meat.

These five nerdy Valentines feature everything from high fantasy properties like Game of Thrones to iconic science fiction like Blade Runner, so no matter your sweetie's fandom, you're sure to find something to tickle their fancy. 

Scroll through our selection below — and if we've won your heart, click 'share on Facebook' to instantly spread the love to your feed. 

Arya gonna be my love?

nerdy valentines

Whether winter is coming or going, you always want someone to snuggle up with. Let your honey know they're your #1 contender with a card that shows them the North remembers how cute they are. 

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Will you join my Fellowship? 

nerdy valentines

Say it with a hobbit! Show them you want to share breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, supper, and all the meals in between. This message is shire to win their heart. 

I'd go to Ahch-to for you

nerdy valentines

Got a sweetie as cantankerous as reclusive Jedi Master Luke Skywalker? Melt their heart with the power of Porgs, and they'll burn for you like so many sacred Jedi texts. 

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My love for you can't be replicated

nerdy Valentine's Blade Runner

You've seen things people wouldn't believe — like the unparalleled beauty of the one you love. Show them they're as beautiful as attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion with this Blade Runner-inspired card. 

Let's go down the rabbit hole together

nerdy valentines Neo The Matrix

If you want to take the red pill with your special someone, let Neo do the talking for you.

Published on 08 Feb 2019

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