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10 Nerdy Tattoos That Will Make You Want Your Own Geek Piece

Looking for a little ink-spiration?

nerdy tattoos
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  • Photo Credit: Deanna Wardin / Unsplash

If you've spent any time at a con, you've likely seen some pretty unique tattoos inspired by geek culture. Maybe you're considering getting a tattoo yourself, in which case you probably need some ideas. 

These 10 super-cool nerdy tattoos will help you come up with your own tattoo, so you can wear your fave fandom on your sleeve (or legs..or back...or wherever you want). 

Stranger Things

From a D&D dice to the Demogorgon, this Stranger Things tattoo captures all the dark wonder of the Netflix series. All that's missing are some Eggos!

Where the Wild Things Are

Let the wild rumpus start! This unique design captures the magical mischief of Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are

Star Trek

The final frontier is full of tattoo ideas. Whether you want a subtle design like this one, or something a little more bold, if you want a Star Trek tattoo, it's easy to make it so. 


If you're a little nervous about needles, then a Dune tattoo is a perfect reminder that fear is the mind-killer. This cheeky black and white piece features both a sandworm and the Spice. 

Blade Runner

If you love the Blade Runner franchise (or its inspiration, Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?), a colorful tattoo like this one of Rachael might be something you'd want to replicate. 

Doctor Who

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This Dalek tattoo is sinister and sweet. Doctor Who is full of timey-wimey tattoo inspirations, from the TARDIS itself to the Weeping Angels or sonic screwdrivers. 

The Thing

John Carpenter's cult sci-fi horror movie The Thing is an alien invasion classic. All of Carpenter's films, from Escape to New York and They Live to Village of the Damned, offer plenty of ideas for nostalgic tattoos. 

Sailor Moon

Moon Prism Power, Make Up! Unlock your own magical girl transformation with a Sailor Moon tattoo like this ethereal piece. 

The Hobbit

This cute tattoo takes inspiration from "barrel-rider," the epithet Bilbo Baggins gives himself during his encounter with Smaug in The Hobbit

Tolkien's Middle-earth legendarium is brimming with inspiration for body art. You could even consider a design inspired by some of Tolkien's own artwork.  

Star Wars

nerdy tattoos

Couple tattoos are a risk. But if you're determined to get some ink with your significant other, Han and Leia's iconic profession of love is the perfect inspiration — no carbonite required. 

Featured image via Deanna Wardin / Flickr (CC).