Listen to Greg Bear's Fantasy Epic The Infinity Concerto

    Arno Waltiri's music is literally out of this world.

    Heroes in fantasy literature are often accidentally transported to other worlds, but rarely are those worlds as harsh or as complex as the land in Greg Bear's The Infinity Concerto. Book one of the two-book Songs of Earth and Power series follows Michael, a 16-year-old poet who arrives in a mysterious, dangerous world after listening to a piece of music composed by Arno Waltiri, a deceased friend of Michael's father. Homesick and at a loss, Michael must seek the help of the mythical Crane Women if he is to survive in this new land. 

    Look below for an audio excerpt from The Infinity Concerto, brought to you by our partners at Sage & Savant.

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    The Infinity Concerto

    By Greg Bear

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