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9 People Share Their Most Bizarre Alien Abduction Stories

They're coming for you...

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From being strapped down to a hospital bed by alien abductors to blacking out for days at a time, people across the globe claim to have had incredible experiences with the third kind. The following stories from r/Abductions and r/Aliens make us believe that aliens exist –– or at least make us want to suspend our disbelief a little bit.

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1. The Glowing Light

glowing light alien
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  • Photo Credit: Max Pixel /Flickr (CC)

Reddit user CaptainKuhl and his girlfriend had one of the strangest Valentine’s Days ever. She was attending school several hours away, and the couple rarely got to see each other. They planned to rent a hotel to spend a night together.

At first, everything was fine. But when they went to sleep around 11 p.m., things started to get strange. In the middle of the night they woke to see a strange light coming in through the window. It was blue-grey, like early pre-dawn light, but the room was still fairly dark. Slowly, the door to the hotel room swung open, revealing only one glowing light outside the door. It struck CaptainKuhl as strange that there would only be one light on in the hotel’s entire hallway. But then, everything about the situation he had woken up to was strange. His girlfriend was screaming, and he felt inexplicably furious — heart slamming, fists clenched. He suddenly had the sense that something powerful was coming into the room, but he woke up before he could see what it was.

The next day, his girlfriend said she had slept fine that night. CaptainKuhl at first dismissed it as a dream. But now, years on, he’s convinced something truly strange happened that night.

2. The Greys

Reddit user Ufoprobe says they were abducted multiple times, up until they were 13 years old. The first memory they have of an abduction was when they were in first grade. They turned over in bed and saw a grey standing there. It was two to three feet tall — shorter than Ufoprobe — and wearing a silky-looking black V-neck shirt. They also had a V symbol on their chest. As soon as they looked at the grey, Ufoprobe blacked out. Their next memory is of being woken up by their mother and told it was time for school.  

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3. The Creature

common grey alien
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Mr_throwaway_999 also saw greys when they were a young child, starting around age 6 and continuing until their mid-thirties. At age six, they woke to see a grey standing in the room they shared with their two siblings. When the grey saw it had been seen, it ran from the room and then appeared to run through the closed door of Mr_throwaway_999's parents’ bedroom. When they went into their parents’ room to see if the grey was there, it appeared to have disappeared. 

Many similar encounters happened over the next few years, although Mr_throwaway_999 didn’t talk about it much because they were scared of being teased. Although they don’t recall encounters with greys during their teenage years, Mr_throwaway_999 had a truly terrifying experience when they were 25 and living in a third-floor apartment. They awoke to find their bed surrounded by four-five small greys and two taller ones, who seemed to be performing some kind of operation. Mr_throwaway_999 couldn’t move. The greys seemed to communicate through some kind of clicking noise. Every once in awhile, they would touch Mr_throwaway_999 with a black rod, which could cause him to black out for up to 24 hours at a time. At one point, Mr_throwaway_999 woke up on his back porch with no memory of what had happened.

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4. A Bright Light

light coming from window
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  • Photo Credit: Hamish Duncan / Flickr (CC)

During her senior year of high school, Lyndseyc555 and her best friend were at her friend’s house in Florida. They made and consumed pot brownies. Several hours later, they woke up terrified in her bed, and realized they had no idea where the day had gone. An unbelievably bright light was shining in through the window, and they could hear a humming noise. They were so terrified that Lyndseyc555’s friend offered Lyndseyc555 $20 to go check on her family and make sure they were okay. 

The light was bright enough that it had to be from a car pulled up right outside the bedroom window, shining its headlights in. But there was a tree and a fence right in front of the window that would have prevented a car from parking there, and the house was too far from the highway for the lights to have been coming from there. Despite the noise and bright lights, none of the friends’ family woke up. Years later, Lyndseyc555 believes that she and her friend were either abducted that night, or witnessed someone else being abducted. Since that day, she’s had the ability to mysterious break electronic devices by going near them. 

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5. Two Days Vanished

sadsplinter has a terrifying tale. Several years ago, they remember on June 5th that they were eagerly looking forward to a friends’ birthday two days from then, on the 7th. Then they woke to find it was the 7th — they had a total gap where their memory of the 6th should have been. They looked at their wall calendar, and saw some new writing in their handwriting from the 6th, although they didn’t remember putting it there. Their friends all told them they had seemed sad and strange the day before, although they also had no memory of that. They had even prepared for the party on the 7th, but had no recollection of it! 

Over time, they began to think less of the strange experience. But on New Year’s day that year, they had an unnerving dream that eventually became recurring. In the dream, they are lying down and held back by restraints. A bright light is shining in their eyes. They could hear static, that sometimes sounded like random words in different languages — for instance, the word ‘Brian.’ They now typically have that dream after emotionally trying days, and are planning to see a hypnotist soon.

6. It Left A Mark

One night, hiroaki_swords and their then-wife had the same dream. They dreamt they were flying into a brightly lit, gas station-like structure that ended in a wall. Another dream they shared was one where she was lying on a table in a room, screaming, and he was watching her, unable to intervene. 

In the morning, they saw she had strange three-pronged markings on her thighs, almost as if she had been touched by a creature with three fingers on each hand. 

She later would tell him of a strange experience she had as a child, in which she was riding her bike in her village. Suddenly, the pedals stopped working. She saw a flash of light, and looked up to see a strange creature, like a giant praying mantis wearing a robe, coming out of the forest. She regained consciousness several hours later with no idea what had happened. 

Strange things happened all the times in their household. Cellphones malfunctioned, and circuit breakers and lightbulbs constantly needed to be replaced.

Eventually, the two broke up. Now hiraoki_swords lives in the states and is married to another woman, and no longer experiences strange phenomena. 

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7. Doctor Grey

common grey alien
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  • Photo Credit: "Extraterrestrial" / Abduction Films

Gypsygoddess_ is used to having lucid dreams, but this one was something unlike what they had experienced before. One night, they dreamt they were walking through a museum of grey aliens. Then, they remember being strapped to a hospital bed and surrounded by extremely tall doctors who didn’t look human. Gypsygoddess_ screamed for them to stop, at which point they put something in her arms and told her  "Your pain level is going to be on max.’ They then experienced agonizing, strange pain. When Gypsygoddess_ woke, they had a bruise on their leg, and both arms were numb.

8. The Common Grey

When edward_RFP was around eight years old, their family remodeled their home, at which point strange things began to happen. edward_RFP's sister saw a ghostly boy floating outside their second-floor bedroom window. Their father saw a shadowy child entering his room while he tried to sleep. The family began to believe that their home might be haunted. But edward_RFP saw slightly different phenomena. One night, they witnessed strange lights outside their bedroom window, and saw a grey looking in the window. Another time, they saw a reptilian creature in their room, which hid when other people were there, and seemed very interested in edward_RFP's pet ferret. After seeing the reptilian creature, edward_RFP woke up one morning to see bruises and scratches on their back.

9. The Witch

From the time they were four or five until they were 11, Wackyal123 slept in a bed with a window directly above the headboard. Frequently, they would wake up in the middle of the night and immediately be terrified, at which point they would see a tiny prick of light that would appear in the window. At that point, ‘they’ would appear in Wackyal123's room, and would begin tickling and grabbing them. Sometimes, they would simply float outside the window, almost like ghosts. As Wackyal123 got older, they would sometimes try and run downstairs to escape them, but the beings would always grab them and pull them back inside their bedroom. Sometimes, they’d escape downstairs and see their parents sitting in the living room, staring blankly and catatonically at the staticky TV screen. After that, Wackyal123 would have a vague memory of being dragged into a cylindrical room not in the house and pulled towards a podium on which sat a being that they called The Witch. The Witch would ask Wackyal123 three questions, and when they couldn’t answer, they would suddenly fall through the floor and wake up in their bed. Years later, when Wackyal123’s family was cleaning out the house’s loft, they found a notebook of theirs with a very clear illustration of a UFO and a grey. 

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Featured photo: Wikimedia Commons; Additional photos: Max Pixel / (CC); "Paul" / Universal Pictures; Hamish Duncan / Flickr (CC); "Extraterrestrial" / Abduction Films