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Mika McKinnon

I'm a disaster researcher and scientist for fiction with irrepressible curiosity about our wonderfully weird universe.

I'm a physicist and geophysicist specializing in disasters -- tsunami, earthquakes, asteroid impacts -- pretty much all the heart-pounding, doom-riddled science. As a science communicator, I'm creative and passionate about this glorious universe around us.

Ask me to bring science to your fiction, write a story, run a workshop, give a talk, or more!


Colonizing Mars: Comparing the Facts and the Fiction

Here’s how the most popular of today’s Mars-set science fiction stories line up with today’s science.

The Voyager Golden Record: Humanity's Message to the Stars

In 1976, NASA and a crack team led by Carl Sagan had a message for aliens — and the people of Earth.

Will We Have Space Tourism in Our Lifetime?

A modern-day space race between private companies is heating up to send humans into deep space.