9 People Share Their Most Bizarre Alien Abduction Stories

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    From being strapped down to a hospital bed by alien abductors to blacking out for days at a time, people across the globe claim to have had incredible experiences with the third kind. The following stories from r/Abductions and r/Aliens make us believe that aliens exist –– or at least make us want to suspend our disbelief a little bit.

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    1. The Glowing Light

    glowing light alien
    Photo Credit: Max Pixel /Flickr (CC)

    “Not last Valentine's Day, but the one before, my girlfriend was attending school three hours away, so I rarely got to see her, and we planned on renting a hotel room to spend the weekend together. Everything was peachy until we went to bed, probably around 11 or so.

    Sometime in the middle of the night, I don't know when, since the alarm clock wasn't lit up, I woke up to a kind of grey blue light coming in the window (like on an overcast fall day). Thing was, it was barely coming in the window, the hotel room was still pretty dark. Next thing I know, the door slowly, smoothly swung open, and there's only a single glowing light coming from the hallway (which is weird, because I've never been in a hotel that didn't keep the hall lights on 24/7). My girlfriend is screaming, and I've never been so inexplicably pissed off in my life. Like, hearing my own heartbeat, balled fists, all that. I could feel something was coming into the room, but I "woke up" before I could see anything.

    The next morning, I asked my girlfriend how she slept, and she said she was just fine. I couldn't help but think it was a dream, but it felt way too real to just be my imagination. I'd seen weird shit in the sky before, never dwelled on it or anything, but I've got no doubt in my mind now that it wasn't just in my head.” - CaptainKuhl 

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    2. The Greys

    “I have definitely been abducted. Up until I was around 17 it happened quite frequently. It seemed every night for a period of time. It was always what people call greys. The very first memory I have of a grey I was in first grade. I woke and turned over and there was one standing beside my bed just staring at me. It couldn't have been any taller than 2n a half to 3 feet. Shorter than I was at the time. It was wearing a v neck silky looking black shirt with silver trim around the v neck. There was also a v looking symbol on the right chest of the shirt. As soon as I looked at it I blacked out and it seemed seconds later my mother was waking me for school. That is my earliest memory.” - Ufoprobe 

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    3. The Creature

    common grey alien
    Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

    "Happened to me from age 6 through about mid thirties. First encounter was around age 6 I woke up to what you would call a "grey" in a shared bedroom with my two siblings who slept through it. I startled the creature and it glided/ran down the hallway and ran "through" my parents closed bedroom door. I opened the door and it was not in the room. It had vanished. Nobody else saw this encounter. Many additional encounters in the years to follow. I've never spoken publicly for fear of ridicule. Through my teenage years I do not remember any specific events. Next specific memories are around age 25 when I moved into a 3rd floor apartment (top floor). I remember the sound of the tiny shuffling feet coming down the hallway and then being completely unable to move. They came into my room and surrounded my bed - 4 or 5 smaller Greys and then one or two Taller ones who seemed to be directing the operation. There was no verbal interaction but they made a sound like a clicking noise which I assume was them speaking to each other. They would touch a metal rod to my shoulder and I would black out. Usually I would wake about 8 - 10 hours later. Sometimes as much as 24 hours later. Once I woke up locked outside on my back porch in my underwear at 2 in the morning. No memory of what happened during that time.” - Mr_throwaway_999 

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    4. A Bright Light

    light coming from window
    Photo Credit: Hamish Duncan / Flickr (CC)

    “My senior year of high school my best friend and I were at her home in Florida. This is the part of my story where some credibility could be lost, my friend and I decided this particular day that we were going to make weed brownies. I am not going to get into how they were made or even really focus on that. After the brownies were done we ate a couple and then our day just disappeared. I don't know what happened. I just remember both of us waking up in her bed scared. There was a bright light and a humming noise coming from outside of her window. We were so scared, I remember her and I cuddling together and her saying, "I will give you 20 dollars to go check on my family." Of course I declined. This light was bright like someone was pulled up right next to her bedroom window and shining their car's brights into her room. There was a hum, loud enough to be noticed- but yet no one else in her house woke up! This is where the story gets weird. Her bedroom window was behind tall bushes. There was a tree almost directly in front of her window and a fence surrounding her property which was about 6 feet from the tree. There is no possible way a vehicle could have been in her yard. Her window and house were far enough from the road that even if a car was on the road shining it's brights in the direction of her window it could not be that dramatic. The light and noise lasted what seemed like forever, but in reality was only several minutes. For years, I forgot about the experience, well a better explanation is that I just didn't think about it and blamed the weed. I lost an entire day of my life, and when i came to I was lying in a bed scared with a bright light shining into a window which wasn't feasible given the circumstances, accompanied by a humming. If I was not abducted, my friend and I witnessed someone in her house being abducted. What's even stranger is that, as an adult I realized I have this special ability to break electronics just by being near them or touching them. I've always referred to myself as a "white noise". After reading symptoms of abductees, I realized that it's common. I've eaten weed brownies before and after, and nothing has ever happened to me like that before. I'm a skeptic about the whole abduction thing, but this was unexplainable from a logical standpoint. The fact that two of us experienced it- the same thing, one of us being a psychologist now, and the other working in journalism... just weird.” - Lyndseyc555  

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    5. Two Days Vanished

    “I remember it was the 5th-7th of June two years ago. On the 5th I lived a normal day and was preparing for a friends birthday in two days. Then I woke up to find myself on the 7th. When I checked the calendar, I wrote notes in my hand writing (though shaky) on the 6th. My friends all said I seemed depressed and not myself the day before, though I have no memory of it. I supposedly did everything I planned to on the 6th and was prepared for the party. I was freaked out having absolutely no memory of the day but forgot about it for a while. If it hadn't been for what happened afterwards I would have assumed it was a boring day or I had some brain spasm. Anyway what brought me to this sub is a recurring dream I started having close to New Years that year. It started out faded and short but on later "replays" of the dream I had more and more details leading to a very vivid dream. I normally had this dream after a powerful emotional day. Anyway the dream in short is me held lying down with invisible restraints and loud static that occasionally sounded like a random word in different accents. "Baa" "fear" " tame" "Brian" (I don't even know a Brian). All I saw was darkness but it felt like looking at a bright light with closed eyes, where something is shining through. I'm thinking of seeing a hypnotist.” - sadsplinter 

    6. It Left A Mark

    “[My ex] had never heard of any of the UFO folklore and had no idea of knowing that the things she described had happened to others and been recorded in the abduction literature. I was interested, but was not sure I believed it.

    Then one night, we had the same dream. I dreamed I was flying and flew into a brightly lit 'gas station' that turned into a tunnel and ended at a white wall.

    Later I we realized we had the same dream - her of us being on tables in a large room with her screaming and me out of it and helpless.

    In the morning, she had three very distinct mini-fingermarks on each inner thigh as if three tiny childlike fingers had pushed her legs apart and it left a mark.

    She later told me about how when she was a little girl, she was riding her bike in her village and suddenly the pedals would not move. She was upset as it was a new bicycle. Suddenly she noticed a flash in the forest and saw a very tall preying mantis type of being and it was wearing a cape with a large collar like a monk. She was not scared and got home late that day and doesn't know what happened.

    Strange things were always happening, especially electrical phenomena - I got tired of replacing new bulbs and even circuit breakers. The electric gates to my home even blew up twice - there were tons of electrical phenomena that would surround these events and weird cellphone activity would coincide with these manifestations.

    I have a new wife now, live in the USA and do not have any recent experiences. Strange.” - hiroaki_swords 

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    7. Doctor Grey

    common grey alien
    Photo Credit: "Extraterrestrial" / Abduction Films

    “This happened around 4-6 in the morning. I was in a Lucid Dream, I usually astral travel during my sleep, my dreams are so real that I confuse them with memories. A little back story, I have never given much thought or research on Aliens because I am terrified of them, I do know they exist, but up until today I lived my life paying no mind to them, simply because I want nothing to do with them and not be under their radar. Back to the story. The "dream" started when I was walking through this museum about aliens, more specifically, all about the Greys. After leaving the main room, we ended up being inside this room, I was strapped on a hospital bed, these doctors didn't look human, their voices were different, extremely tall, very cold. They kept poking me and testing me, I remember being terrified, crying, begging to stop. That is when the put something in both of my arms and said- "Your pain level is going to be on max-" I screamed and cried begging them to stop, with no success. They were clicking buttons which transmitted an extremely weird kind of pain, agonizing. They did that a couple of times after a while they let me go. Still feel like i'm being watched.

    I woke up with a bruise on my leg and both my arms were numb.

    What the hell happened last night??!!” - gypsygoddess_ 

    8. The Common Grey

    “I lived in a house that was remolded when I was 8ish. About that time wired things began to happen. It was believed to be haunted. First my sister began seeing a boy enter her room at night. She had seen him out side her window (2nd story). My father began seeing a shadow child enter his bedroom while he was resting. Our two dogs barked at the walls and chased things around the house. Ghosts!!

    Except for me. I saw strange lights outside my window one night. I opened the shad and saw a common grey looking at me. I was calm and felt at peace. I saw them frequently in my room. Hiding in the corners looking at me. I got a pet ferret and it was caged at night. I saw a reptile like creature standing behind my bedroom door. My mother opened the door to check on me, the creature seem to evade into the wall as she opened the door. When she closed it the creature came forward. It was very interested in the ferret and inspected the cage. it then turned to me, this was the first time I felt fear around one of them. it moved over to me and looked down at me. That is all I remember. the next morning, getting ready for school my mother pointed out bruises and scratches on my back. Anther creature I saw illumined its own light ,but did not light up the room, and was standing next to the head of my bed. When I noticed it the creatures eyes got wider or more opened as if i was surprised.

    I dont remember anything after seeing them.” - edward_RFP 

    9. The Witch

    “Hi, When I was about 4 or 5 (and subsequently until I was 11), I slept in my bed which had the window above the headboard. I can't tell you how many times this experience happened, but I would wake up in the night. Immediately terrified, I would look up and in my field of vision, a tiny dot of light would fly in from the left into the sky through the window. It would stop dead and by this time I'd be freaked out. I would freeze and that's when "they" would appear. Either they would be suddenly around me tickling or grabbing me or they would float outside the window. I thought they were ghosts. They were just odd, and would freak me out. As time went on, I realised that i could run to the end of the bedroom or even downstairs before they would get me. Usually it felt like something was pulling me back into my room, and I'd claw myself down stairs hoping my folks would be sitting in the living room. Sometimes they would, other times they wouldn't. I'd be screaming at them and they would be blank, staring at a blank or fuzzy TV screen. "They" would float along the floor toward me. Sometimes looking like ghosts, other times I would see a devil. But ultimately... They'd get me. The next bit is odd. I don't recall being taken out the house, but pulling was involved. I would suddenly be in a dark corridor being taken into a large (and I mean enormous) cylindrical room. In the centre would be an illuminated podium and a larger being. I would call her the "witch" and she would look down at me. Her job was to ask me 3 questions but I never managed to answer her questions and all of a sudden, the floor beneath would drop. I would wake up with a jolt in bed. Sounds far fetched but when my brother and dad cleared the loft, they found an old school work book from when I was 6 (1988 for context). Inside was the story, written crudely and an illustration with what is clearly a UFO and a grey. I get shivers thinking about it.” - Wackyal123 

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