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Stream It Tonight: The Best Sci-Fi on Amazon Prime

Transport yourself today with these stellar movies and TV shows.  

by Allison Wild

10 Must-Read Philip K. Dick Books

Explore shocking dystopian universes in Dick’s powerful novels.

by Allison Wild

Humanity Is Reborn in Lilith's Brood by Octavia Butler

Discover Butler's stunning vision for humanity's future. 

by Carolyn Cox

Fun Facts About 9 Great Science Fiction Authors

Which seminal author supported themselves with a job as a potato chip inspector? 

by Shannon Raphael

Mary Shelley: Fascinating Facts About the Sci-Fi Pioneer

Learn more about the mysterious, macabre genius behind fiction's most enduring monster. 

by The Portalist Staff

New A Wrinkle in Time Trailer Is Meg-nificent

The latest preview for the adaptation of Madeleine L'Engle's classic story doesn't disappoint.

by Carolyn Cox

The 13th Doctor Can Teach Us a Lot About Being Human

Doctor Who's first-ever female doctor has inspired controversy, but if we listen, there's a lot the she can reveal.

by Mike Chen

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