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A Heartless God and Compassionate Goddess Clash in Octavia E. Butler’s Wild Seed

Read an excerpt from Octavia E. Butler’s sci-fi novel — soon to be an Amazon TV series from Viola Davis and Nnedi Okorafor. 

by Xavier Piedra

Samuel R. Delany and Others on Octavia E. Butler's Legacy

Octavia Butler passed away 13 years ago, but as these writers explain, her work is more urgent now than ever before. 

by Carolyn Cox

Truth Is Change: The Evolution of Octavia Butler's Cover Art 

Octavia Butler's editor looks back at some of the worst — and best — out-of-print covers for the late author's influential books. 

by Betsy Mitchell

14 Octavia Butler Books: The Complete Canon

A game-changer and a unique talent, the Kindred author left an indelible mark on the science fiction community.

by Olivia Mason

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