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    Game of Thrones Producer May Bring Great Sci-Fi to the Small Screen 

    A new Amazon deal may lead to adaptations of work by Robert Heinlein, Greg Bear, and other acclaimed authors. 

    by Shannon Raphael


    Exclusive: The One-of-a-Kind Book Bundle Every Fan Must Own

    We partnered with award-winning science fiction author Greg Bear to create a five-book collection that deserves a home in your personal library.

    by The Portalist Staff


    What If Music Were the Key to Another World?

    In Greg Bear's "The Infinity Concerto," an infamous melody carries an aspiring poet into a place of magic and myth...

    by Olivia Mason


    Science Fiction Has Won the War

    Best-selling author Greg Bear on the genre’s new ‘golden age.'

    by Frank Catalano


    Listen to Greg Bear's Fantasy Epic The Infinity Concerto

    Arno Waltiri's music is literally out of this world.

    by Carolyn Cox

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