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Fireborn giveaway

The epic first novel in Katie MacAlister's Born Prophesy series introduces the battle between the Fireborn —those born with the power to harness the Sun — and the Starborn, who wield control over the night sky. Now that a war between the two worlds has entered the Fourth Age, a child is born who may end the eternal conflict. Both Fireborn and Starborn at once, Deo holds the power to merge the warring factions — or plunge the world into eternal chaos.

Together with Rebel Base Books, we're giving away a fantastic prize pack to celebrate Fireborn. Five runners-up will win a copy of Fireborn plus a set of divination cards designed by author Katie MacAlister. One grand prize winner will take home Fireborn, divination cards, a fantasy-themed vintage journal made by the author, and a moon lamp to stay up reading with! 

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By Katie MacAlister

Two Realms At WarThousands of years ago, the twin gods Kiriah and Bellias made a wager as to who could raise the best civilization. Kiriah created the Fireborn, the children of light, who would wield the power of the sun and the blessings of nature. Bellias nurtured the Starborn, the children of the heavens, who would harness the arcane power that rippled across the night sky and flowed through all living things. And so the battle began...

Three Fates Entwined

As the war between the Fireborn and Starborn enters the Fourth Age, three unlikely heroes emerge. Allegria is a young priestess who longs to honor the goddess of the sun with her battle skills rather than her prayers . Hallow is an apprentice without a master, eager to explore his power over the stars. And Deo is the chosen one, a child of both worlds who could be the key to bringing peace across the land-or the ultimate weapon in the war to end all wars...

One Prophesy Fulfilled

The time has come for these three companions to choose sides-and seal their fates-in the thrilling first novel of the epic Born Prophesy saga by bestselling author Katie MacAlister.

Hand-Made Divination Card Set 

Fireborn giveaway

Vintage journal handmade by the author 

Fireborn prize pack journal

Moon Lamp

Fireborn giveaway
    •  Moon lamp made with 3D printing technology, realistic full moon shape, the surface of the moon lamp is very close to the lunar moon, novelty and charming 
    • Moon lamp designed with 16 colors, the colors can be flash,smooth,fade and strobe,very colorful and full of fantasy. 

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Published on 27 May 2019