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[CLOSED] Win a Trip to StarFest Sci-Fi & Fantasy Convention in Denver!

We've partnered with StarFest to give away 2 Platinum Passes, a $300 travel voucher, and a bundle of books to read on your trip!

The Portalist is thrilled to partner with StarFest to send you to the convention in Denver from April 20–22. 

Since 1977, StarFest has celebrated the best in sci-fi across all media. The 2018 Platinum Membership for two gives you access to VIP perks, like reserved seating, speedy entry to autograph sessions, discounts, and more benefits throughout the con. 

Enter the giveaway, and one lucky winner will take home:

A StarFest 2018 Platinum Membership for Two

A $300 voucher for hotel and travel expenses

Talon of God, by Wesley Snipes

Medusa Uploaded, by Emily Devenport

The Oracle Year, by Charles Soule

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About the prizes: 

StarFest 2018 Platinum Membership for Two

  • Star Trek: The Next Generation's LeVar Burton, one of the guests at StarFest 2018. 

Since 1977, StarFest has been Denver’s homegrown celebration of multi-media science fiction entertainment. StarFest is a combination of several unique conventions rolled into one big event that takes place over three days. StarFest is more than a Comic Con. StarFest won’t just occupy your attention for a couple of hours – it’s an entire weekend of Science Fiction Entertainment overload.

Enjoy exclusive perks with your 2018 Platinum pass including the BEST StarFest reserved seats available, speedy exclusive line entry to all autograph sessions, Starland table 10% discounts, exclusive Platinum Member commemorative pin, seniority seating rights, and more.

A $300 Travel Voucher

The Portalist will give the winner the choice of a $300 gift card from a variety of travel websites to be used on airfare and accommodations.

Book Bundle

Buy Talon of God at Amazon

Talon of God

By Wesley Snipes

The acclaimed actor makes his fiction debut with this enthralling urban fantasy in which a holy warrior must convince a doctor with no faith to help stop a powerful demon and his minions from succeeding in creating hell on earth—a thrilling adventure of science and faith, good and evil, damnation and salvation.

Talon of God

By Wesley Snipes

Buy Medusa Uploaded at Amazon

Medusa Uploaded

By Emily Devenport

Medusa Uploaded by Emily Devenport offers readers a fast-paced science fiction thriller on the limits of power and control, and the knife-edge between killing for revenge or a greater good.

My name is Oichi Angelis, and I am a worm.

They see me every day. They consider me harmless. And that's the trick, isn't it?

A generation starship can hide many secrets. When an Executive clan suspects Oichi of insurgency and discreetly shoves her out an airlock, one of those secrets finds and rescues her.

Officially dead, Oichi begins to rebalance power one assassination at a time and uncovers the shocking truth behind the generation starship and the Executive clans.

Medusa Uploaded

By Emily Devenport

Buy The Oracle Year at Amazon

The Oracle Year

By Charles Soule

Knowledge is power. So when an unassuming Manhattan bassist named Will Dando awakens from a dream one morning with 108 predictions about the future in his head, he rapidly finds himself the most powerful man in the world. Protecting his anonymity by calling himself the Oracle, he sets up a heavily guarded Web site with the help of his friend Hamza to selectively announce his revelations. In no time, global corporations are offering him millions for exclusive access, eager to profit from his prophecies.

He's also making a lot of high-powered enemies, from the President of the United States and a nationally prominent televangelist to a warlord with a nuclear missile and an assassin grandmother. Legions of cyber spies are unleashed to hack the Site—as it's come to be called—and the best manhunters money can buy are deployed not only to unmask the Oracle but to take him out of the game entirely. With only a handful of people he can trust—including a beautiful journalist—it's all Will can do to simply survive, elude exposure, and protect those he loves long enough to use his knowledge to save the world.

The Oracle Year

By Charles Soule

For full details, see official rules.

Note: The sweepstakes is open to all legal residents of the 50 United States and Washington, DC who are 18 years of age and older by 3/20/18. 

Published on 20 Mar 2018

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