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    3 great sci-fi and fantasy ebooks a month. One magically low price. 

    Say goodbye to literary indecision: Geek Reads is the first-ever ebook subscription designed exclusively for sci-fi and fantasy readers. Every month, subscribers get three incredible digital books, hand-picked by The Portalist's editors with sci-fi and fantasy readers in mind. 

    From hidden gems to critically acclaimed award-winners, discover your new favorite book with Geek Reads, and never be without a great read again.

    Each month’s digital book collection has an average retail value of $30 — but you’ll get all three titles for just $9.99. 

    Immediately after signing up, you'll be transported to a page where you can download that month's book collection in your preferred format and begin reading. After that, we email you on the first of every month to let you know your three new sci-fi and fantasy books are ready for download and to start reading instantly! As an active subscriber, every title you acquire is yours to keep forever.

    What books will I get this month? 

    Check out July's selection below! 

    Boy's Life, by Robert R. McCammon

    Winner of the World Fantasy Award and Bram Stoker Awards, this haunting fantasy follows 12-year-old Cory as he comes of age in Zephyr, Alabama. All is not as it seems in Zephyr: When his father makes a gruesome discovery in the river, Cory's eyes are forever opened to the supernatural underside of his small town. 

    Dawn, by Octavia Butler: 

    From the award-winning author of Parable of the Sower comes the first book in the gripping Xenogenesis Trilogy. Earth as we know it is gone. Lilith Iyapo's husband and son perished in the apocalypse, but she was rescued by an enigmatic alien race called the Oankali. They plan to save the humanity — but at a price Lilith is reluctant to pay. A unique sci-fi saga that explores cultural identity and what it means to be human, Dawn is a masterful novel from a titan of sci-fi. 

    Sunshine, by Robin McKinley: 

    Neil Gaiman himself calls this award-winning urban fantasy story "practically perfect." Sunshine has managed to eke out a decent life for herself as a baker in the small town of New Arcadia, but when she needs a moment of peace away from her family, she heads out to their old lakeside cabin. Unfortunately, Sunshine's communion with nature is interrupted by a group of Others. The vampires make her their prisoner — and if Sunshine wants to escape, she'll have to live up to her name. A funny, smart romantic fantasy with a heroine it's impossible not to root for, Sunshine will delight fans of The Souther Vampire Chronicles or Buffy

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    When do I get my books?

    Immediately! Once you subscribe to Geek Reads, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to download that month's books. These books are yours to keep forever. On the first of the next month, you'll receive an email letting you know the new month's selections are available to download. 

    When will my credit card be charged?

    We will charge your credit card on the day you subscribe. From then on, your card will be charged monthly on that date. 

    Does Geek Reads offer ebooks in my preferred format?

    Yes! You can download ePub or Mobi versions of your books. Need some help downloading your ebooks? We've got you covered!

    Is Geek Reads available internationally?

    Currently, Geek Reads is only available to U.S. subscribers. We are working now to make Geek Reads available to worldwide subscribers. Stay tuned!

    I need help with my subscription. What should I do? 

    We’re happy to help! Please email the Geek Reads team at Our customer service hours are Monday - Friday from 9AM to 5PM EST. 

    How do I cancel my subscription? 

    If you're unhappy with Geek Reads, we would appreciate the opportunity to improve your experience! Contact us at with your feedback, and we will do our best to provide you with the magic you were missing.

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