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Footage From These Atomic Blasts Was Almost Lost Forever

"I think that if we capture the history of this and show what the force of these weapons are ... then maybe people will be reluctant to use them."

By Chris Mahon

9 Weird International Space Station Facts

Learn the strange secrets of the ISS—a symbol of global unity and the power of science.

By Carolyn Cox

Europa Mission: 5 Facts About NASA's Quest for Alien Life

NASA is charting a course to uncover the secrets of Jupiter's fourth-largest moon, the mysterious Europa.

By Swapna Krishna

5 Things to Know About SpaceX’s Moon Mission

On Monday, Elon Musk announced that SpaceX will send two private citizens around the Moon. Here's what we know so far.

By Swapna Krishna

What Does NASA's Twins Study Mean for the Future of Humans in Space?

From digestion to the rate we age, life in space could have surprising side effects.

By Swapna Krishna

15 Awesome Exoplanets Humans Have Discovered So Far

Some of these new-found worlds are so fantastic, it's hard to believe they actually exist.

By Swapna Krishna

Interview: Space Historian Glen Swanson Talks the Apollo Program

"There’s a lot to be told from their perspective, and I don’t know if that ever will happen. There might be stories they’ll just be taking with them to their graves."

By Carolyn Cox

It's Time to Embrace the Hive Mind

From The Borg in Star Trek to the bugs in Empire of the Ants, sci-fi is full of sinister hive minds. But is that scary reputation justified?

By L.W. Martin

Will We Have Space Tourism in Our Lifetime?

A modern-day space race between private companies is heating up to send humans into deep space.

By Mika McKinnon

There Really is Life on Mars (That We Sent There)

You know what we don’t talk about enough? Martians. I don’t mean little green men — I’m talking about real live organisms that we know currently exist on the red planet.

By L.W. Martin

Let’s Set the Record Straight About Endangered Bees and Colony Collapse Disorder

Here's the good news: our honeybees aren't really in trouble. The bad news: we've got far bigger problems to worry about.

By L.W. Martin

5 Technologies from Science Fiction That Could Be Awesome in Real Life

We wish these were part of our reality, and a little less fictional.

By Terrence Dalton

5 Bizarre Phenomena You Didn't Know Were Side Effects of Climate Change

From shrinking sheep to hybrid bears, Global Warming has some strange — and scary — side effects.

By J.C. Breen

“No Man’s Sky” is the Controversial Future of Virtual Tourism

Now that Hello Games has opened the door, it’s up to other developers to fully realize the possibilities.

By Mike Chen

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