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4 Alleged Mothman Sightings That Preceded Disasters

Is the Mothman a monster bent on wreaking destruction? Or a supernatural force sent to warn of impending danger?

By Steven Casale

7 Mysterious Alien Encounters Before Roswell

Strange phenomena in the night sky are nothing new.

By Kyla Cathey

9 Weird International Space Station Facts

Learn the strange secrets of the ISS—a symbol of global unity and the power of science.

By Carolyn Cox

Charlotte Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain: Accidental Time Travelers in Versailles?

While visiting the Petit Trianon in 1901, two scholarly women came face to face with visions they could not explain.

By The Lineup

5 Recent UFO Sightings That Defy Explanation

Next time you’re gazing at the sky, keep your eyes peeled for something strange…you never know what you might see.

By Steven Casale

5 Real-Life Creatures That Could Inspire Science Fiction

You only need to step into nature to find thousands of bizarre life forms.

By L.W. Martin

7 Weird Natural Phenomena That Prove Our Planet Is Absurd

Here's a reminder of how wonderful, wacky, and sometimes gross the world can be.

By J.C. Breen

The Secret History Behind Steller’s Sea Ape

During the grueling Great Northern Expedition, naturalist Georg Wilhem Steller came face-to-face with one of the sea's most mysterious creatures. Or did he?

By Andrew Thaler

Mercy Brown and the Great Vampire Panic of 1892

In 1892, Mercy Brown died of consumption. But townspeople had a more sinister explanation for her death.

By The Lineup

Cloven-Hoof Cryptids: Legend of the Maryland Goatman and the Pope Lick Monster

The two most famous goat-like cryptids cause havoc in their respective American hometowns.

By Orrin Grey

9 Fantasy Creatures We Wish Really Existed

Fangs, fins, and feathers: We wish these fantasy creatures were fact and not fiction.

By Terrence Dalton

Skinwalker Ranch: Utah’s Hotbed of Paranormal Activity

This lonely ranch in Utah is haunted by ghostly voices, strange sightings, and UFO encounters.

By The Lineup

10 Places on Earth That Look Like They Belong in a Fantasy Land

These gorgeous lands look straight out of a mystical, mythical world.

By Dana Piccoli

6 Things You Didn’t Know About the Hidden Life of Trees

Trees are complex lifeforms with behavior strangely similar to our own human displays of seduction, vengeance, and compassion.

By G.G. Andrew

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