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What is Aerio?
Aerio is a service we use that allows you to directly buy and receive your ebooks from The Portalist. The process is entirely safe and secure. Aerio is owned by the Ingram Content Group, one of the world’s largest distributors of print books and ebooks.
Do I need to download a separate app?
No! Ebooks are delivered to you in file formats (both epub and mobi) that allow you to read the ebook on whatever device or app you want to use… Kindle, iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Google, and other apps and ePub readers — in short, you can simply use whatever ebook reader you already prefer to read on.
How do I purchase books through Aerio?
  1. Add the books you want to your cart using the ‘Buy From Us’ button.
  2. Click the cart to checkout as a guest, or create an Aerio account to store your information for future purchases.
  3. Just give Aerio an email address, the city and state you live in, enter your credit card info and that’s it.
  4. You can access your book in two simple ways. Choose whichever is easiest for you!
    1. Download directly from the order page.
    2. Click on the link to the book file in your confirmation email from Aerio, and your book(s) will automatically download to your preferred device/app. No need to download a separate app! Please note: To avoid transferring the book file, open your ebook on the device you plan to use to read it.
  5. Enjoy your book!
Do I need a separate account?
No. You will be asked if you would like to create an Aerio account, which you might want to do since it will safely save your email and credit card information, but you also have the option to checkout as a guest.
What payment methods can I use?
All credit cards associated with a US or Canadian billing address are accepted, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club. Charges will appear on your statement from “Aerio Retail Network.”
What about my credit card information?
If you create an Aerio account your credit card information is saved, allowing for quick purchases. You can update or remove your credit card from your account at any time. If you check out as a guest, your credit card information is not stored.
I live outside the US and Canada. Can I order books using Aerio?
Currently ebooks are only available to customers within the US and Canada.
Do you collect sales tax?
Aerio collects sales tax on all purchases as required by local taxing authorities in all 50 US states and in Canada. Tax-exempt purchases are not available.
My book isn’t loading on my device. What can I do?
Please take another look at the instruction email sent to you following your purchase. If you are still unable to download your book, please email customer support at aeriosupport@ingramcontent.com
Can I return my ebook?
Sorry, but ebook orders are not returnable.
Who do I contact if I have an issue or other questions not covered in this FAQ?
Aerio is happy to help! You can address any concerns and questions to aeriosupport@ingramcontent.com.
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