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[Closed] Sweepstakes: Win Garth Nix's Stunning New Fantasy Angel Mage

10 lucky winners will take home the new standalone fantasy from the author of Sabriel.

Garth Nix is beloved for his dark, richly-imagined fantasy worlds populated with a compelling and inclusive cast of characters. Nix's The Old Kingdom Chronicles series has been recognized twice-over with the Aurealis Award for Best Young Adult Novel, first for Sabriel in 1995, then for Abhorsen in 2003. Brandon Sanderson himself has praised Nix as "one of the best worldbuilders in fantasy," and in Nix's upcoming novel Angel Mage, that talent is on full display. 

A standalone fantasy set in a new world, Angel Mage begins in a grave. Generations ago, 19-year-old mage Liliath sought shelter from the apocalyptic fall of Ystara by hiding in a sarcophagus. After 100 years in darkness, Liliath is free again and eager to find her Ystaran lover Palleniel. Desperate for a reunion, Liliath manipulates four young and very different people to fulfill her desires — but Simeon, Henri, Agnez, and Dorotea have no idea they're being used as puppets for an angel's whims. 

Together with HarperCollins, The Portalist is giving away copies of Garth Nix's Angel Mage to ten lucky winners.

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About the book: 

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Angel Mage

By Garth Nix

A new fantasy masterpiece from Garth Nix, bestselling author of the Old Kingdom series.

More than a century has passed since Liliath crept into the empty sarcophagus of Saint Marguerite, fleeing the Fall of Ystara. But she emerges from her magical sleep still beautiful, looking no more than nineteen, and once again renews her single-minded quest to be united with her lover, Palleniel, the archangel of Ystara.

It's a seemingly impossible quest, but Liliath is one of the greatest practitioners of angelic magic to have ever lived, summoning angels and forcing them to do her bidding. Four young people hold her interest: Simeon, a studious doctor-in-training; Henri, a dedicated fortune hunter; Agnez, a glory-seeking musketeer; and Dorotea, icon-maker and scholar of angelic magic.

The four feel a strange kinship from the moment they meet but do not suspect their importance. And none of them know just how Liliath plans to use them, as mere pawns in her plan, no matter the cost to everyone else . . .

Fans of Cassandra Clare, Holly Black, and Leigh Bardugo will fall in love with Angel Mage, a feminist fantasy that takes place in an alternate European world ruled by fearsome magic and deadly passions

Angel Mage

By Garth Nix

For full details, see official rules. 

Note: The sweepstakes is open to all legal residents of the 50 United States and Washington, DC who are 18 years of age and older by September 16th, 2019.

Published on 16 Sep 2019

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